How to find the right dentist for you?

It is easy if you give us a chance to debunk some common myths and fears!!


  • Are dentist visits painful? Are dentist visits painful? dr. Lill's skilful hands make dental care completely pain free.
  • Is dental care too expensive?  We have a contract with the Health Insurance Fund and we invest only in the necessary. You pay only for your treatment.
  • Should you visit a dentist only as a last resort? Preventive check-ups are necessary to find cavities and infections as early as possible, which makes the treatment cheaper.
  • Do primary teeth require treatment? Primary teeth need treatment as well, and the sooner a child gets used to visiting a dentist, the better. Dr. Lill always gives children a small present!
  • Are good dentist hard to find? You have already found him! Contact us and make an appointment. Your whole family is welcome at Lille Hambaravi. A treatment plan is free of charge for everyone!